Fintan O'Regan

Fin is one of the leading behaviour and learning specialists in the UK. He trained as a secondary Science and PE teacher after studying Zoology and Genetics at Sheffield University and remains fascinated by the impact of nurture and nature on human development. He was the Headmaster of the Centre Academy School, regarded as the first specialist school within the UK for children with ADHD/ODD from 1996 -2002. Prior to this he has been a Deputy Head, Head of Department and Science/PE teacher in schools in London, Newcastle and Washington DC. Throughout this period he has worked with a range of students and parents and this experience has helped to develop a balanced perspective of the issues facing schools, teachers and families regarding behaviour and learning differences. The SF3R behaviour and learning model developed by Fin forms the principles of his approach regarding proactive short term and long term solutions to behaviour and learning success as “although it is true that no two children are the same, structured and flexible systems and strategies will yield similar successful outcomes”. He is an internationally acclaimed presenter and consultant in Behaviour, Learning and Motivation working both within the Education and Health sectors.