Jillian Zocher

Jillian Zocher is Specific Learning Difficulties Specialist for students across the age range. She completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties in conjunction with the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre (UK) and The Oxford and Cambridge Royal Society of Arts in 2002, after years of having taught at dyslexia friendly schools overseas. Jillian is a contributing author to the recent 2020 Sage publication, Special Educational Needs – A guide to Inclusive Practice (Reid and Peer). Jillian has helped hundreds of teachers with their Professional Development needs, and thousands of  students, not only with literacy and numeracy, but also with study skills, technology skills, strengths profiling, career counselling, anxiety and well-being. She is known amongst her colleagues as an ‘educational therapist’. Jillian offers professional development for educators, support for parents, one on one support for students, a comprehensive screening for Specific Learning Difficulties for across the age range and strengths profiling and career guidance sessions for both teenagers and adults.

Jillian is the founder of the Learning Difference Convention, The Dyslexia and Learning Alliance and co-founder of Get Into Neuordiversity, all borne out of charitable efforts in Australia towards dyslexia awareness. Through accredited seminars and presentations from international experts, counselling and screenings, she aims to heighten awareness in Specific Learning Difficulties / Neurodiversity by offering support to those with diverse learning needs, thereby enabling an inclusive passage through their education, with reduced anxiety and better life outcomes.

Websites: www.learningdifferenceconvention.comwww.decodingdyslexia.com.au
Email: decodingdyslexia@gmail.com