Best Practice for Managing Autism Behaviour

Accelerating Students Towards Success

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Course Overview

The first affordable online course of its kind, that details the complete recipe for teaching reading using phonics. Each video session takes you through the process of the research based ‘Science of Reading’, step-by-step, to ensure your teaching success from the outset. You will receive the latest research in effective reading instruction. This method can be used for students right across the age range, and adapted to a pace suitable to your students’ needs. The 18 short videos (approx 20mins each) and resources, allow you to follow this recipe to achieve student success, accompanied by a 120 page manual to follow as you progress through your teaching and learning.

  • Understand the history of Autism
  • Understand the characteristics of Autism
  • Use the checklist to identify common autistic behaviours
  • Know the cause of Autism based on the latest research
  • Understand the 3 levels of Autism and the levels of support required
  • Know the changes to diagnostic criteria
  • Learn the DSM-5 definition of Autism
  • Understand the difference between various treatments for Autism
  • Understand the types of behaviours and how to manage them
  • Use research-evidence to effectively support behaviour
  • Use practical resources provided to support those with Autism
  • Better understand the impact of behaviour on parents, teachers, and students.
  • Learn the ABC of understanding behaviour
  • Understand the functions of behaviour
  • Teach new behaviour using positive reinforcement
  • Support students with Autism and Autistic traits across the age range
  • Evidence based knowledge to support colleagues in managing behaviour
  • Scaffolds for supporting behaviour management
  • View, practice and assimilate each step of the course
  • Revisit videos to reinforce your learning
  • 5 interactive, highly engaging Video Sessions
  • Common challenging behaviours with Support Strategies
  • Booklet: Antecedent Modification vs Consequence Manipulation
  • Key recommendations to support every student quick Reference Sheet
  • Key Links To Evidence Based Research
  • Identify common autistic behaviours Checklist
  • School Sensory Audit Checklist
  1. Autism Support Strategies Poster
  2. Challenging Behaviour & the 4 Functions of Behaviour
  3. Antecedent / Trigger and Behaviour Modifications Poster
  4. Behaviour Reduction Procedures For Managing Challenging Behaviour
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