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A Guaranteed Framework For Achieving Academic Success
For Secondary & Tertiary Students
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By the end of this training, you will be able to support student achievement, using a range of innovative multisensory teaching techniques and empower students to develop a growth mindset to achieve exam success. A course for teachers and students on developing a suite of study skills, designed to aid learning, reduce anxiety, and increase motivation when it comes to passing exams. Presented by the much loved Dr Susie Nyman, three times, TES Further Education teacher of the Year Award nominee.
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Course Overview

By the end of this training your students will be able to walk into their exam quietly confident, knowing exactly how to pass, and achieve success. You will be able to identify their study skills challenges and help your students to develop a positive mindset for ongoing academic success. You will have the ability to assist your students to develop the study skills to prepare for their exams, reduce exam anxiety, and use proven strategies to enable them to study, manage their time, and retain information. Both neurodivergent and neurotypical students will benefit from this multi-sensory, evidence based approach to study skills, developed by world leading expert Dr Susie Nyman. By employing these strategies, you will improve the academic results of your class and your school or your institution and gain a professional accreditation certificate in teaching studies skills.

  • Understand the most effective ways to study
  • Learn the step by step process for helping students achieve better outcomes
  • Learn how to positively change mindset around school assessment
  • Discover how to prepare for tests and exams in the most effective way
  • Learn how to retain subject knowledge to gain better results.
  • Understand the benefits of effective time management skills
  • Get the latest evidence based research for exam success
  • Realise the impact of effective learning for better results
  • Learn how to support students’ study efforts with technology
  • Learn how to support student’s who struggle with organisational skills
  • Learn how to support students’ who experience learning anxiety
  • See effective multisensory teaching techniques to aid learning and recall.
  • Understand the relationship between effective teaching and student progress
  • Use the correct step-by-step approach to teaching study skills
  • Appreciate the critical support structures that need to be implemented
  • Support students with Specific Learning Difficulties / Neurodiversity
  • Provide your students with skills to improve academic self-esteem
  • Positively impact students levels of school success and life outcomes
  • 6 x 20min (approx) online, on demand engaging videos
  • Multiple teaching and learning examples to improve exam results
  • Numerous effective multisensory learning strategies
  • Examples of multisensory teaching across 5 faculties
  • Two Resilience and Mental Toughness questionnaires
  • A Success Behaviours Checklist
  • Numerous downloadable resources
  • Links to further support
  • Mental Toughness Quiz
  • Resilience Checklist
  • Success in Exams Student Checklist
  • Success Behaviours Checklist
  • Fixed vs Growth Mindset
  • Exam Timetable
  • Learn The Exam Command Verbs
  • What Top Students Do to Achieve Success
  • How To Beat the Forgetting Curve
  • Success in Exams Poster
  • 19 Factors That Can Impact On Student Success Poster

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