Now that hundreds of teachers are aware of the new accredited training in specific learning difficulties (SpLD) and Neurodiversity, with 100’s already started we are starting to get some questions.

Question 1: Who should do this course?

Answer: It is core training, so any parent, teacher, educator, coach, counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, pediatrician who comes into contact with children teens or adults with specific learning difficulties or Neurodiversity. The more people from your organisation that do this training the more effective your efforts will be to support the students or children in your care.

Question 2: When should we start?

Answer: place your order when you have money in your budget. All users get three months access to course videos and downloadable resources. The three-month will start from the time each user logs in for the first time. They can start this year or next year. There is no limit on when uses can get started once they have joined.

Question 3: How long will it take to complete?

Answer: There are 7 x 30 minute videos to watch, so allow 3 ½ hours of video watching time. After each video there are three multiple choice questions and you will be asked for two comments. There are a number of resources to download below each video tutorial which will are invaluable for your teaching toolkits. Altogether this will provide 4.5 professional development points.

Please Note: there are no assignments, essays or marks awarded. This course will provide you with the knowledge and the tools tools to support your neuro diverse students. In fact, it will help you to better understand all the people you coming to contact with in your life.

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