Phonics in Action

How to Teach Everyone to Read regardless of Age or Ability

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Course Overview

The first affordable online course of its kind, that details the complete recipe for teaching reading using phonics. Each video session takes you through the process of the research based ‘Science of Reading’, step-by-step, to ensure your teaching success from the outset. You will receive the latest research in effective reading instruction. This method can be used for students right across the age range, and adapted to a pace suitable to your students’ needs. The 18 short videos (approx 20mins each) and resources, allow you to follow this recipe to achieve student success, accompanied by a 120 page manual to follow as you progress through your teaching and learning.

  • Gain a deeper understanding on how to teach reading
  • Follow guidance on each step for phonics teaching
  • Learn how to teach reading in the most effective way
  • Learn how to diagnose reading challenges and support your students
  • Get the latest research and evidence for teaching reading
  • Realise the impact of effective literacy teaching
  • Understand the step-by-step process of improving literacy skills for all ages
  • Learn how to support students who are struggling to read
  • Set your school, home or practice up to cater for students with literacy difficulties.
  • Understand the relationship between effective teaching and progress
  • Use the correct step-by-step approach to teaching reading
  • Help students experience success at each and every stage
  • Understand the critical support and structures that you need to implement
  • Support students with Specific Learning Difficulties / Neurodiversity
  • Provide your students with skills towards improving self-esteem and life outcomes
  • 18 x 20min (approx) online, on demand engaging videos
  • Mini lesson examples to encourage best teaching practice
  • A Phonics Checklist provided at every learning stage with detailed explanations to target support interventions effectively
  • Teaching Phonics For Success – 120 page book for Phonics In Action
  • Quick reference sheets with key words for reinforcing each target
  • An overview of the step-by-step progress with examples
  • Lesson Planner template for managing teaching and reporting student progress
  • Links to further support
  • Phonics teaching scope and sequence
  • Step-by-step manual to support teaching
  • Lesson plan construction sheet to track progress and plan smart targets
  • Activity sheets for use one-on-one, in small groups or classwork
  • Phonemic Awareness Check
  • Mini lessons to explain how to use the checklists
  • Blending and Segmenting Skills Check
  • Decoding Skills Check
  • Phonics Check
  1. Phonics chart for all letter-sound correspondence
  2. Systematic Synthetic Phonics Chart with key words
  3. Chart for high frequency irregular words
  4. Individual charts for each stage of reading instruction
  5. Letter formation sample sheets for upper and lower case
  6. Fun song sheets and sentence sheets to reinforce learning
  7. Poster on the History of English and morphology
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