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I Can Do This Handwriting Book (Stage 1 & 2)

The first handwriting book of its type that incorporates the Science of Reading alongside the development of fine motor skills.

A research and evidence based handwriting program for early years and junior primary students, as well as those with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia which links directly to the teaching of reading and spelling.

This book teaches handwriting, utilising multi-sensory methods alongside the use of demonstrations and positive language, making handwriting a happy and successful experience for students and teachers alike.

Stage 1
Book 1 – Teaches handwriting using a systematic phonics approach
Book 2 – Teaches letter formation based on similar direction/pattern using Word Families
Book 3 – Teaches handwriting by incorporating Phonological Awareness Skills
Book 4 – Teaches handwriting using Tricky Consonant Digraphs

Stage 2
Book 5 – Teaches handwriting using simple initial consonant clusters
Book 6 – Teaches handwriting using final consonant clusters
Book 7 – Teaches handwriting using initial, triple consonant clusters
Book 8 – Teaches the formation of capital letters