Hi, I’m Amanda Abel.

I’m a PaediatricPsychologist and the founder of two paediatric practices in Melbourne.

I really loved doing the get into neurodiversity teacher training because it was so flexible. I could just do it whenever I had the time, which was often in the evening. I loved that I could pause or replay bits that I didn’t quite understandand in terms of the content, I just loved that thispackage really explains the experience of a neurodiverse child from the bottom up.

I feel like it made it really clear for teachers to understand the typical challenges that these types of kids would be experiencing and of course I’ve really found that the strategies suggested were super practical. They just seem to really make sense and there were a lot of them.

So I really felt that this training was, in my mind, essential for any teacher because these days we’re looking at a lot of neurodiverse kids in each classroom.

So I highly recommend the Get into Neurodiversity training and I really hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

Pamela Garz

08 Oct 2019

Carina McSweeney

The Neurodiversity course gave me some great tools and some good information to complement my existing understanding and interest in supporting students. As a Learning and Support Teacher I am always seeking ways to get the best from the students with learning difficulties and different ways of thinking. The information in this course would be useful for all teachers.

06 Oct 2019

Evie Cassimatis

I found the Get into Neurodiversity Teacher Training course to be a most user friendly, worthwhile, comprehensive and informative course. It enables teachers to broaden their teaching methodologies, knowledge and skills in terms of identifying the Neurodiverse student. The course offers such a diverse and invaluable range of strategies and resources. Every teacher should complete this course!

05 Oct 2019

Trish Gooch

05 Oct 2019


Checklists are user friendly and ready to go. A full profile of your nuero diverse student will allow you to understand their needs and the best way to address their needs. All content was well presented. Great resource for all teachers.

03 Oct 2019

Cheryl Slater

I found this course to be very informative and it has given me a good overview of Learning Difficulties that my students may have and then be able to offer them a better level of support, not only for the Neurodiverse students but also the Neurotypical.

03 Oct 2019