Prices for all the courses – Primary/Secondary/Post16 are the same

Here licence refers to the users who are going to access the course.

Number of Licences (1 Licence per User) Price Cost Per Licence
1 $386 $386
2 $730 $365
3 $1050 $350
4 $1340 $335
5 $1615 $323
6 $1872 $312
7 $2114 $302
8 $2344 $293
9 $2565 $285
10 $2780 $278
15 $3720 $248
20 $4460 $223
25 $5075 $203

This course is online and on demand and so teachers can access it whenever and wherever they wish.

The more licences you purchase the cheaper it becomes per licence e.g. If you have 20 teachers, you will require 20 licences.

Each participant is given their unique login and they create a memorable password. All you need to do as the administrator is the load everybody's names and email addresses on the portal and the rest is all automated.

The course is delivered in approximately 30 minutes videos which are highly engaging.

The training includes checklists, pupil profiles and samples of individual educational plans so the teachers are able to work more closely with learning support units.

Having multiple teachers doing this course together, is an excellent practice, and was the intention of the course developers and authors of this course to facilitate a whole school approach.

All prices mentioned are in Australian dollars.