Why some teachers are better at dealing with challenging students?

Is there a secret recipe for turning challenging students into productive, highly engaged learners?

What is the magical skill set of teachers who can get students to willingly and happily engage in school, social groups and learning tasks.

Want to know the answer?

This is just one of the burning questions that Jillian put to Behaviour for Learning expert, Fintan O’Regan in this interview below. 

Mark our word, you will want to know the answers to these ones.

And… if you want to know even more about evidence based ways to reach and teach all of your students while you proactively address the challenging behaviour of some, you can learn more about Fintan’s Behaviour for Learning Course here. 

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It’s called ‘Get out of my face, it’s not fair and you don’t understand me at all.

Here’s to a productive and much more ‘normal’ teaching year in 2021.