Why your child struggles with maths and 21 simple strategies to help them catch up.
You will learn why your child struggles with maths and a multitude of simple strategies to help them catch up. This short course is jam packed and was created specifically for parents assisting their children during homeschooling and with homework tasks. You will learn the foundations of maths learning difficulties and how to address your child’s needs so you can get them engaged with maths and learning in record time.

Course Overview

In this course you will learn about evidence-based mathematical practice to assist your struggling learner. The checklist provided, will allow you to identify areas of difficulty and quickly learn how to consolidate mathematical concepts. This parent training offers key advice in assisting with long-term memory, processing speed, short-term and working memory difficulties. You will learn about the importance of developing a sense of number, chunking and key numbers, the concept of place value and metacognition. Whether your child is an ‘inch worm’ or a ‘grasshopper’ or struggles with maths anxiety, you will come away with multiple strategies to assist them.

  • Gain a deeper insight into Dyscalculia
  • Learn from a world renowned mathematics and dyscalculia expert.
  • Learn about evidence-based practice in maths based on research.
  • Understand the constellation of learning factors and their interconnectivity.
  • Learn how to profile students with maths difficulties.
  • Know which strategies benefit which students.
  • Consolidate concepts you currently find difficult to teach.
  • Help students across the age range.
  • Understand the importance of dialogue.
  • Use a checklist to identify the needs of struggling maths students.
  • Improve your knowledge and confidence in dealing with maths difficulties.
  • Have the confidence to refer students to further learning support.
  • Offer multiple strategies to empower maths strugglers / dyscalculics.
  • Understand how anxiety can impact on maths.
  • 4 online, on demand highly engaging videos
  • Practical examples on how to teach each maths concept
  • A maths difficulties checklist for across the age range
  • 21 simple strategies to help students catch up.
  • A Support Strategies Booklet covering:
    1. 1. Generalisations
    2. 2. Patterns
    3. 3. Commutative Property
    4. 4. Number lines
    5. 5. Number sense
    6. 6. Estimation skills
    7. 7. Multiplication fact square
    8. 8. Number bonds to make 10
  • Access to a full Chapter of Steve’s new edition of More Trouble with Maths
  • A certificate upon completion

This course includes

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